Struggling with Sales?

Want your Amazon store
to generate 8 figures?

the golden ticket can put an amazon expert in your corner

Few markets are more challenging than Amazon...

Do you currently have multiple products listed on Amazon – but not enough sales?

Do you see big potential in your product categories… but no proof in your bank account?

Have you attempted Amazon ad campaigns and gotten little to no results?

Are you sitting on an inventory investment that is not yet profitable?

Are you tired of being the small fish in the big Amazon pond?

Trust me! I understand your frustration.

You already know the potential of Amazon with its 300 million users,
and you are willing to invest to get your share of that profitable gold mine.

You have seen competitors in your category doing really well,
and you’re frustrated that it isn’t happening for you.

And you believe your product has all the right attributes to “strike it rich”
– even though you haven’t seen it happen yet.

You know you could create a million-dollar Amazon business…
but you also know you’re going to need help to get there.

If this sounds familiar, you might be a candidate for the Golden Ticket!

As an Amazon seller, you already know Amazon is a tough market.

New sellers pop up hourly! Amazon can be a minefield if you don’t know the rules of the game.

It has strict Terms of Service that can be easily used to hamper your effectiveness – or even shut you down completely on the platform.

Amazon also has a complex formula to help your product get seen (or more likely NOT seen) by those millions of customers looking to buy.

Plus, like any highly competitive marketplace, there are many sellers who use predatory methods to try and take your market share and who want to see you fail so that they can succeed.

That’s why you need an Amazon expert in your corner.

Wonder why so many Amazon businesses fail?

These are some of the top mistakes I’ve seen Amazon sellers make:

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    Mistake #1: Trying to figure it all out by trial and error – or with the help of Google searches. (That’s a great way to learn how to make soup, but it’s a terrible business strategy!)

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    Mistake #2: Getting advice from people who haven’t built a successful Amazon business.
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    Mistake #3: Not following proven strategies or investing in the proper tools

So, how can you ensure your shop thrives?
If you want to create a sustainable Amazon business that generates 8 figures+, you need help from an expert.

Someone who has done it for herself and for others.
Multiple times

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Allow me to introduce myself...

I’m Ashley Armstrong,
leading Amazon strategist & founder of Amaz Authority.

As both an Amazon bestselling author and the CEO of a physical products company valued at 7-figures selling exclusively through Amazon, I have a passion for teaching & helping others achieve their own business goals.

Most sellers, even those with the most amazing products, are not able to capitalize on the power of Amazon simply because they don’t know how.

This my zone of genius.

I have mentored and coached hundreds of individuals and companies to find their own Golden Ticket to Amazon riches & I’m constantly creating new ways to support your Amazon journey.

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Want your own Golden Ticket
to Amazon success?

The Golden Ticket is my all-inclusive program combining
private coaching + leading Amazon strategies
to help you become one of the elite Amazon sellers making

8 figures through this golden distribution channel.  
When we work together, you’ll be implementing proven strategies
with my guidance and assistance to ensure you’re successful every step of the way.


Jeffrey Hollender

Ashley is an incredible resource.

Ashley Armstrong is amazing. No one knows the ins and outs of Amazon and e-commerce marketing better than she does. Whether you need strategy, general business advice, creative or marketing plans, Ashley is an incredible resource. Ashley is always highly responsive, deeply committed to her clients and will always get the job done no matter what it takes.

Jeffrey Hollender, Founder & CEO of Sustain Natural + Co-Founder, Former President & CEO of Seventh Generation,

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Her strategic vision is really inspiring.

I worked on my Amazon launch with Ashley and she was absolutely amazing. I would have been completely lost in the woods if it weren't for her. She was available around the clock and even on weekends to answer all my annoying questions. Her strategic vision is really inspiring. I wish every consultant I worked with thought and executed like Ashley!

Andrew Levine 

What's Included with The Golden Ticket?

This program virtually guarantees your success – that is, of course, if you do the work!

You’ll learn my little-known shortcuts, techniques, and solutions for creating HUGE wins on Amazon, so you can continue to grow your business long after the Golden Ticket program is done!

  • Weekly calls with me to zoom in on the top priorities and refine the process along the way for maximum results. 
  • Preparation of your Amazon seller account prior to the product launch to ensure it is properly set up and matured for a successful launch.
  • Analysis of your current product packaging along with recommendations to protect your product listing.
  • Amazon category placement analysis to ensure your products will be properly positioned
  • Unlimited private messaging to communicate with our team, Tuesday-Friday from 11:00am to 3 pm PST Alternative time will be available for those with a drastic time zone difference.
  • How-to videos to support you during the program as needed.
  • Personalized collaboration of your Amazon business  includes:
  • One Product Listing
  • Analysis of seller central reports and strategy for Product Listing Optimization 
  • Storyboard Images outline for the same product listing for your designer to complete
  • Demonstration and step by step training of Competitive Analysis preparation (on & off Amazon)
  • Demonstration and step by step training of Market Share Analysis and Revenue Tracking  
  • Demonstration and step by step training of Keyword Research
  • Demonstration and step by step training of Amazon Ad Campaign Creation and Execution
  • Demonstration and step by step training of product bundling listing creation if applicable
  • Analysis and strategy for a custom, Customer Retention Strategy
  • Analysis of your Branding, Messaging and Positioning with recommendations for implementation
  • Collaboration and project management assistance with your internal marketing, graphic and content teams.
  • Preparation to scale your product line with zero inventory investment or risk
  • Gain a clear understanding of your customers path to purchase
  • Increase your product line, increase your average order value, dominate your category with zero inventory investment and zero risk to find the money you have been leaving on Amazon's table.
  • Gain a clear understanding of how to leverage all that Amazon offers to grow your business, retaining the training and education in house in order to replicate the process with future products and product lines.

For the companies that qualify, as a bonus you will also receive:

  • One-on-one consultation with our Brand Positioning & Marketing Strategist to define your product’s best unique selling proposition (USP) and the key target audience(s) for your product line. 
  • Personalized outline of your external marketing items for your product line including:
  • Tactical marketing plan to support your product line
  • Assistance in direction with setup or optimization of social accounts Facebook, linkedin etc. 
  • Assistance in direction with optimization of your existing website (as needed) 
  • Assistance in direction with creation of Google AdWords and social site ad campaigns as appropriate 
  • Coupon distribution landing page as needed for your product launch, so you can give one-time use codes to customers automatically

If you truly have what it takes to be successful on Amazon,
we can help you accomplish that in half the time.

Our team selectively works with approximately 4-6 companies in

NON-COMPETING CATEGORIES in our Golden Ticket program.

This Program iNOT for you IF...

I am looking for a few superstars to work with to find their Amazon treasure!

Please choose another of our packages if you fit into any of the categories below.

  •   You don't have the time or resources to invest in building out your Amazon account and doing advertising both on and off Amazon to support a launch.
  •   You don’t have sufficient inventory available (or the ability to produce more quickly if needed) to support a full product launch.
  •   You are not yet selling on Amazon and want to get started. Our "Stake Your Claim" package is the perfect fit for you.  Click HERE to get started.
  •   You only have one product to sell at this time. Our "Golden Nuggets" package is the perfect fit for you.  Click HERE to get started.
  •   Your product(s) are in one of the following categories: alcohol, jewelry, adult-only items, and most clothing categories. Unless you have an extremely unique clothing line with a large email list and a large and an engaged social following, then you may qualify.

Ready to Get Your Amazon Gold?

Choose your Golden Ticket to Amazon success


Golden ticket Program

  • In Depth strategy and support
  • Focusing on the entire circumference of your physical product company on and off Amazon
  • One-on-one consultation with our Brand Positioning and Marketing Strategist, for those that qualify.
  • check
    Training on Amazon’s do’s and don’ts
  • check
    How to protect your brand when selling on Amazon
  • check
    Personalized outline of your internal (Amazon) marketing items for your product optimization
  • check
    Personal outline for your external (social profiles) marketing team
  • check
    Assistance with setup and optimization of social accounts 
  • check
    Solidify your Branding, messaging and positioning 
  • check
    Product line scaling with zero investment or risk 
  • check
    One-on-one training and coaching with your point person to learn and execute each step, allowing you to retain the investment inhouse to be able to launch new product lines in the future with no assistance! 
  • check
    And MORE! 

$55,000 USD

The Golden Ticket program starts at $55K

NOTE: There is an application process to participate in this exclusive program.  Your deposit of $1,000 is refundable only if you are not accepted.  A payment plan is available once you are accepted, and your deposit is applied.

I've known Ashley for a few years now and she has great Amazon marketing ideas!

She recommended one specific action to me and it made a HUGE difference in my sales!

Lisa Johnson 
Yummy Yammy

Ashley has been VERY helpful as we integrated Virtual Bundler into our business. I was mostly struck by her availability and follow-through…two things seemingly lost in this impersonal text, chat, email age. That type of availability and follow-up, in my humble opinion, shows Ashley’s dedication to her Customers. Kudos, Ashley!!!

Bill Vogel -
UBS Financial Services

Ashley is really helpful and knowledgeable as an Amazon strategist. Her consistent help has helped me get over the hump when it comes to certain areas that were holding me up. She has a lot of experience when it comes to Amazon and Amazon SEO and it shows. Extremely glad I found her!

Jonathan Ramsuchit -Amazon FBA Training

What would a Golden Ticket to

being successful on Amazon be worth

 to you and your company?

Depending on your category and product, it could be anywhere

from an extra $10,000 to even $100,000 per month!

Unlike our competitors, we do not take a large percentage of your sales “on the back-end” – reducing your profits for a year or longer on every item you sell. This means that your new increase in sales goes directly to your bottom line, not ours. If you boost sales by $20,000/month, you will get to keep an extra $200,000 in your pocket in just the first year!

Fast-forward one year from now. 

Do you still want to be struggling with sales?

I didn’t think so.

In 3 months you could have your Amazon business built 

and be on your way to sustainable success...

But only if you’re ready to make a change.

It's TIME to take action!

What Clients Are Saying...

Darren Keepers

Ashley has been fantastic to work with. She makes herself available to all clients at all times. I recall messaging her on a Sunday or two and she would respond instantly with an answer and a positive approach. I would recommend her services to anyone.

Theron Andrews


Ashley has a true gift for teaching and helping others. Coupled with her incredible positive outlook, enthusiasm, patience and high energy level, the only word that describes her properly is "Awesome!" It seems like she's never too busy to jump in and help, she's always available when you need her, and I'm beginning to wonder if she ever sleeps because it seems like she's always on! She goes the extra mile to find solutions and is a real joy to work with. Keep doing what you're doing, Ashley, the world needs more of you.

Peter Bull

Barclay's House

Ashley got to the bottom of the problem I was experiencing and got it fixed, so I am extremely grateful to her. But what also impressed me about Ashley was that she took ownership of the problem and worked through the possible causes in a calm and logical way. Such a refreshing change from the ‘pass the buck’ attitude I’ve experienced from others. Can’t thank her enough!


Ashley's work is Extraordinary! She is a consummate Professional, thorough, detail oriented, laser focused on the process and outcomes, and a true expert in her field of mastering Amazon for your success! My team and I admire her not only for her tenacity,clarity and enthusiasm but also for her ability to be able to dish out tough love like a Professor would to bring out the best in you. Her breadth and depth of knowledge about all aspects of Amazon is in itself astounding but her ability to translate that to real world applications is the bottom line game changer- she is unquestionably absolutely the BEST for Amazon Strategies. We at Brain Tune are delighted and grateful to have her with us- highly recommend Ashley Armstrong!!

Rob Schad

Ashley is a rockstar when it comes to helping grow your Amazon store, especially with using product bundles. She guides you in every step and is extremely knowledgeable regarding Amazon selling. If you're looking for help, do not hesitate to work with her!

Andrea Thomas

Working with Ashley has been a GAME changer for us. We started off with the "Triple your sales" Challenge. Her strategy was so simple, I almost didn't do it. But when it actually tripled our sales. Keep in mind, this was strategy + time only. No extra inventory or money involved. I tested out the Virtual Builder and the same results happened again. I reached out to work with her.

I've been using Amazon for a while, and consider myself Amazon savvy. Ashley showed me how we had all the right items in our strategy but not enough depth to reach the sales I truly wanted. We needed to have a structured Amazon strategy for ad campaigns to dominate my niche for starters and connecting your Amazon distribution channel with your external websites and social profiles.

She understands how to create a true brand, not just sell more products on Amazon. We talk about all aspects of business, from leveraging the audience we already had in place to packaging, branding and how to create true sellable assets.

I've been more than pleased with our time together.

Ashley's work ethic, dedication, insight is amazing plus she stays on top of Amazon's every changing platform which allows me to focus on my strategy at hand.

If you have the opportunity to work with Ashley.....stop reading this and do it.

Donna Gray

Ashley solved all my problems when it came to creating my new business online profile, website+content, social media sites and more. She took the time to work with me one on one as I am not very computer suave. She got to the bottom of who my target audience was, she assisted with creating the branding, messaging and positioning, including my logo! she did a photo shoot for me and even filmed and edited a few intro videos too. It was a one stop shop, and the easiest way for someone who is just starting to get everything done by one person in a timely manner. I priced out how much it would cost to hire 4 to 5 people to do all the work she did and I have to tell you this investment into myself and my business was the best choice I made working with an expert like her. You can not get a better person as she is also patience and very understanding.

Taylor Thiessen

I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley over the past 6 months. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. Ashley is very knowledgeable in her field and her guidance and services have resulted in higher sales for my business. I look forward to working with Ashley again in the future.


How much time will this take each week?

How quickly will I see results, and how much money will I make?

Do you guarantee my success?

What if I don’t have an Amazon business yet?

What if I only have one product to sell?

Why can’t I build my Amazon business on my own?

What happens after I apply?

Still not sure if this is right for you?

Schedule a free call to find out if you qualify.

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