About Ashley Armstrong – Amazon Specialist Physical Product Sale Consultant

Hi, I am Ashley Armstrong and I am a leading Amazon strategist who helps companies create amazing results on Amazon.

I have a passion for this because I have been on my own Amazon journey and know firsthand how pitfalls and missteps can delay or completely undermine success on the platform. But I also know that when done right, there is no better way to “strike it rich” and build your company quickly to reach all your dreams.

My Amazon Journey

My Amazon journey started when I decided to write and publish a book for my children – and a year later had 6 books and an Amazon best-seller to my name. This opened my eyes to the potential of Amazon … so I started to learn anything and everything I could about the platform and how to be a successful seller. I educated myself about physical products and took every program and went to every event I could find to build up my knowledge base.

I invested in being mentored by the biggest names in the business and built up my own company as I went (to a value of over $1M in less than 2 years) all the while documenting the steps and best practices as I did so I could create a repeatable process.

I partnered with Dan Hollings, the marketer behind the success of the book/movie “The Secret”, to consult with clients, create online training, mentor his students, and even assist in the development of software tools. It was an invaluable hands on training experience to enable me to refine and hone my skills even further.


But while creating my own success was wonderful, I have a passion for teaching and helping others create their own success – on the best distribution platform in the world, Amazon. Most sellers, even those with the most amazing products, are not able to capitalize on the power of Amazon simply because they don’t know how. This my zone of genius. I have already mentored and coached hundreds of individuals and companies to find their own golden nuggets on Amazon and am constantly creating new ways to support you on your Amazon journey.

One free way to get you started on the right track is our 3-Day Challenge video training. Sharpen your skills and learn some new ones to soar your Amazon profits to new heights.

Cash Money Enterprises

Andy Levine

Cash Money Enterprises & Aetos Essential Oils

I worked on my Amazon launch with Ashley and she was absolutely amazing. I would have been completely lost in the woods if it weren’t for her. She was available around the clock and even on weekends to answer all my annoying questions. Her strategic vision is really inspiring. I wish every consultant I worked with thought and executed like Ashley!


Delivering Results and Changing Lives

All of these clients worked very hard, followed my strategies to the letter, invested in branding, messaging, positioning, advertising, and more. They overcame multiple challenges to succeed.
I am very proud of all of them.

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