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Amazon can be a minefield if you don’t understand the rules of the game. It has strict Terms of Service that can be easily used to hamper your effectiveness or even shut you down completely on the platform. It also has a complex formula to help your product get seen (or more likely NOT seen) by those millions of customers looking to buy. Plus like any highly competitive marketplace, there are many sellers who use predatory methods to try and take your market share and who want to see you fail so that they can succeed.

The #1 Amazon Seller Strategy You Need to Start Using to Transform Your Amazon Business with product bundling.

Marketing Strategist

Dan Hollings

Marketing Strategist

Having worked with Ashley Armstrong on numerous projects large and small, I know her strengths and capabilities well. I’ve seen her guide students, advise clients, research data, layout results oriented marketing plans and implement creative strategy. Ashley possesses a unique blend of intelligence, persistence and experience in a broad range of business and marketing disciplines.  Above all, there is an inner tenacity or what you might call a stubborn “just get it done” attitude that propels Ashley to produce results.

With over 300 MILLION users, Amazon is the gold standard of distribution channels for everything from books to household items to high-end electronics, yet only a very small percentage of Amazon sellers make over $100,000 from this platform. Last holiday season, over 1 BILLION Prime and “Fulfillment By Amazon” (FBA) products were shipped globally. So why are so few sellers able to cash in on this golden opportunity?

Maybe you don’t even realize the full power of Amazon – how it can truly be the goose with the golden eggs if you nurture and focus on it as a key sales channel for your company.

That’s why I started working with companies to help them capitalize on the revenue stream that is selling on Amazon – turning the minefield into a gold mine. As both an Amazon bestselling author and the CEO of a 7 figure physical products company selling exclusively through Amazon, I have spent many years (and invested lots of money) learning how to maximize the power of Amazon. Now I spend my time helping others achieve that in 6-12 months.

Stake Your Claim

If you are just starting out on Amazon, my team and I can help you do it the right way from the start and avoid many of the mistakes and delays that can happen when establishing your seller account.

Golden Nuggets

If you have a product you are already selling on Amazon but you are not getting the results you want, we will work with you using the best Amazon-specific SEO strategies to increase your sales in less than 8 weeks.

The Golden Ticket

You know you have a winning product line and you are ready to invest in ensuring your success on and off of Amazon, capitalizing on those 300 million users who are ready and waiting to buy. This package is application-based with one-on-one training and consulting.


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